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2016 in Review (Killillays Update)

“The great question is not, ‘Will not the heathen be saved if we do not send them the gospel?’ but ‘Are we saved ourselves if we do not send them the gospel?’ " 

-C.H. Surgeon (quoting another person)

Not all missionary's are sent to the foreign field but all missionaries serve on the front lines in their jobs and communities where they live.   Those who must stay behind to help support the advancement of the gospel in foreign lands also receive the reward as with those who go.   

Thank you!  To all of you who have sacrificed to advance the kingdom of God through us in Peru.  We are grateful.  Those in our home church and others who pray faithfully for our family every week, thank you!  Those who take time to give counsel and direction when its asked for, thank you!  Those who have helped by giving us solid books and Bibles in Spanish to give to the brothers, thank you!  Those who faithfully send financial support month after month so we can stay here in Peru doing the work of the Lord, thank you!   And most of all we thank the Lord who as called us to salvation and allowed us to make disciples in Peru!  May God receive all the glory for what He is doing through all of us working together to make his name great in Peru!  

Highlights from 2016
The Church in Cusco:

This last year has been a great year when we look back at some of the things the Lord has done.   

First we have been working with the church plant La Unción Iglesia Cristiana (Iglesia Cristiana de Cusco) for about two years.  The last nine months we have been serving in a leadership role.   The Lord is maturing His church through the sound exegetical preaching of His word.    All three of us pastors have seen God mature us bringing a genuine unity in thinking and doctrine and a growing unity in judgement.     

This year eleven people have made a public profession of faith in Christ and have been baptised.   On the 24th of December we held a special service up in the mountains to baptise three new believers.  Two of those who have been baptised this last year have been our own children, Andrew and Stephen.  We pray that if this is a genuine work of the Lord that they will continue to grow in their spiritual lives along with the other nine who have professed faith in the finished work of Christ.  

Much of our time this last year has been spent meeting with nine individuals and families for discipleship classes every week as we have added one more discipleship class in the last two weeks.   Please pray for those whom we meet with and are 'making disciples' of.   Three of those we meet with still need to be saved.    

One young man in our congregation is showing some extra spiritual maturity, and he is starting to take over the youth group.  We are praying that God would continue this work in his life and we are thinking of him as a possible future pastor if the Lord continues this work in him. He is also starting to do a Bible study with his grandma and sister.   

In June we had a fun retreat with our teens in the mountains and twenty teens came to that.  We studied the gospel and how to share the gospel to our friends.  We also played a lot of volley ball and soccer.    

My favourite highlight of this last year was when we used a medical campaign to bridge the gap between the church and two Quechuan villages on mount Ausungate.  One community of about two hundred people heard the gospel in their native tongue for the very first time through a Quechuan translator and a weak preacher (picture on left).  The feeling is like Piper describes it.  "You ...cry, 'O God, this is so weak!  Who do I think I am?  What audacity to think that (in this moment) my words will be the odor of death to death and the fragrance of life to life (2 Cor. 2:16).  My God, who is sufficient for these things?'"  It is one of the most sobering and awesome experiences to introduce the glories of Christ to a people who don't know Him.  

In the second community there is a small group of believers that are meeting for a weekly Bible study.  We are praying about helping them form a church plant and training their leader Tomas in 2017.      

Reaching and Teaching:

We had the privilege of working with Reaching and Teaching  to train pastors in Chazuta and Desaguadero.  In May, Reaching and Teaching held their graduation for the students who had completed the three year course in Chazuta.  It was a joy to see many of the pastors graduate and move on in ministry.   In August we  helped launch a new training site in the town of Desaguadero which is on the border of Bolivia.  

In the past two months three new Reaching and Teaching families have moved to Cusco ( Holloway FamilyGreenup Family,  McKenzie Family ) to serve the Lord here.  We will be working with these dear friends to train pastors with Reaching and Teaching around Peru.     

Lillie and the children with their grandparents!
Thank You to all of our friends and family who have been a part of this work in Peru.  May the Lord bless the work of His kingdom in the year to come.


Please continue to pray for us as we move forward in 2017.  Pray for my family the second week of January as I will be in Desaguadero training pastors with Reaching and Teaching.   Please pray for safety on this trip and a good connection teaching the brothers. Please pray for wisdom for the church leaders and congregation.  Please pray that the church would grow to know the limitless love of God that passes understanding and that we would grow in maturity unto we reach fullness of Christ.  Please pray about supporting us financially as we are need of financial supporters to continue the work.  Lord willing I plan to return to the States next years for a month to raise support and we would ask you to please keep that trip in prayer.  


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